Fabric Requirements

Fabrics Required:

Black: 2.25m – 2.5 yds

Mid-Green: 1.25m – 1.4 yds

Bright Green: 2.25m – 2.5 yds

White: 1.5m – 1.7 yds


Any 4 (or more) fabrics of your choice in the above amounts


Bust your stash!

My Fabrics - from Bowerbird Fabrics

These fabrics and many other lovely batiks are available from Nick Wilson at Bowerbird Fabrics  https://www.bowerbirdfabrics.com


  • In the fabric requirements, I have added an extra 0.25m for safety. I hate to run out of fabric!
  • I always make table runners or placemats out of any fabric I have left over.
  • All four colours will be used in each of the 52 blocks.
  • If you are choosing your own colours, make sure that you have a dark colour, a light colour, a bright colour, and a medium colour
  • The colours above are Celestial Blue BB1021, Marjaram BB3031, May Apple BM3054, and Moon Rocks BB1037